mPower power integrity analysis solution certified by Tower Semiconductor for advanced analog process technologies

By Design With Calibre

The Siemens mPower power integrity solution, the first and only IC power integrity analysis solution that provides virtually unlimited scalability for analog, digital, and mixed signal ICs, has received certification from Tower Semiconductor for its SBC13 and SBC18 analog process technologies.

Analog and mixed-signal designers can use mPower’s unique simulation-based, high-capacity dynamic EM/IR analysis capability for transistor designs of any size to get the detailed analysis they need for signoff quickly, with Calibre confidence in the results. The mPower Analog software also fits easily into existing analog design and verification flows, uses industry-standard formats, and employs simple and understandable TCL language to streamline implementation.

For more information about the mPower solution, please visit our mPower solution webpage.

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