Companies talk about how mPower enables their tape-out success

By Design With Calibre

By Joe Davis

Earlier this week, we introduced our new mPower product line for power integrity signoff analysis.  Our innovative mPower tools offer virtually unlimited EM/IR scaling for both analog and digital designs. In addition, the mPower Analog tool enables detailed dynamic analysis of large analog blocks and full chips that is not available in any other tool on the market.

Maybe you’re thinking hey, that sounds pretty good, but how real is it? Very real. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve put together a short webinar introducing the mPower functionality, including presentations from MaxLinear and onsemi sharing their experiences using the mPower tools. These companies each faced significant challenges trying to get chips to market on a timely basis while ensuring the power, performance, and reliability of the power infrastructure met all design and market requirements. They explain how adopting the mPower solution changed the power analysis game for them, enabling them to accelerate their design cycles with confidence that their chips would deliver. Real companies, real designs, real success.

Want details? They’re all in the webinar, of course, but here’s a preview:

  • MaxLinear used the mPower Analog high-capacity dynamic analysis functionality to perform detailed EM/IR analysis of large, complex analog blocks that no other tool could handle
  • onsemi used both the mPower Digital and Analog tools in their production design flow to get complete EM/IR analysis coverage of mixed-signal chips

If you’d like to know more, watch the webinar here. Have questions? Let us hear from you!

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