Next-generation design for the automotive industry today

By Kelsey Robuck

Electrification and automation are changing the face of the automotive industry. The requirements of battery and thermal management, sensor engineering, and connectivity dramatically increase the complexity of vehicle development and force car manufacturers to innovate new technologies to rise to these growing challenges.

As if that wasn’t enough, automakers need to do this faster than ever as competition heats up with new technology-driven companies disrupting the way things are done in the industry and rising concern over climate change shifts both customer priorities and regulations, and legislation

Traditional design and engineering practices only hinder the development of highly complex products in these times of change. Siloed datatask-specific tools, and disjointed workflows simply won’t cut it when developing the next generation of vehicles

As the pace of innovation picks up, software and technology will differentiate companies, separating those that thrive from those that struggle to keep up.

Do you have the tools you need to meet these demands? Are you ready to change your vehicle design and manufacturing approach to ensure you stay at the forefront of the industry?

You need a digital transformation that gives you a next-generation design solution.

At Siemens, we can offer you the expertise and digital tools you need to shift gear so that you can match the increasing pace of innovation and keep up with the constantly changing market demands.

Sound like something you need?

Take advantage of a fully integrated end-to-end design and engineering platform designed to help you do more with less. Drive fast, cost-effective innovation that will put you in the driving seat of the automotive industry so you can unleash the next generation of vehicles and stay ahead of the competition

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