TSMC Symposium—Aprisa certified for N5/N4

By Aprisa DI

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced that its Aprisa digital implementation solution is certified by TSMC for its industry-leading N5 and N4 advanced process technologies.

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This is great news for Siemens and our customers, as it paves the way for design projects targeting high-volume applications with the fully N5/N4-certified Aprisa technology. Earning this certification isn’t easy. The Aprisa team passed a rigorous process that exercised the full physical implementation flow. The Siemens solution passed all signoff criteria, including DRC, LVS, timing, power and power integrity requirements. The Aprisa solution files for N5 and N4 designs are available from TSMC upon customer request.

Watch the presentation by Inki Hong, the general manager of the Aprisa Digital Implementation product line at the TSMC 2022 Technology Symposium.

The certifications of Aprisa for TSMC’s N5 and N4 processes represent the latest in a series of milestones proving Siemens’ strong investment in its Aprisa digital implementation solution to help designers overcome some of the most daunting challenges in today’s integrated circuit designs. 

The certification also follows the recent introduction of a new version of the Aprisa software with substantial reductions in both runtime and memory usage. At its core, Aprisa is still a detail-route-centric place-and-route software that greatly reduces time to design closure. Its unified data model is truly shared throughout the entire flow, bringing real route information and parasitics to any engine and any step in the place and route flow. This allows for consistent timing and DRC across engines, which translates to excellent correlation with signoff tools, reducing the number of timing ECOs.  

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