Adopting digital solutions for aerospace E/E system design

By Keaton Walkowski

Developing aerospace electrical and electronic (E/E) systems has always been challenging. Unfortunately, it’s only getting harder, and the stakes are only getting higher. With systems so complex, deadlines so tight and frequencies so few, missed data, missed errors, or simple miscommunication could be the difference between financial solvency and shutting your doors for good.

To say that pressure is high for aerospace OEMs’ E/E system designers, engineers and manufacturers is an understatement of goliath proportion.

Whether it’s managing increasing product complexity thanks to characteristics like more advanced, internet of things-enabled components or attempting to successfully manufacture within the confines of globally distributed teams using siloed applications, the impetus to find a better way of working has never been greater.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

By switching to a cloud-based digital solution, aerospace OEMs can regain greater control in E/E system design. With cloud-based digital solutions, like those that can be found in the Siemens Digital Industries Software Capital™ portfolio, OEM E/E system engineers can achieve greater organization, communication, standardization and automation.

Find out in this ebook how digital cloud-based solutions can enable faster time-to-market, right-first-time design and centralized communication via tools like the digital twin and digital thread.

Cloud-based deployment enables more effective collaboration

There are five foundational benefits of cloud-based digital solutions for aerospace E/E systems design: first is their ability to optimize collaboration and communication throughout the production lifecycle.

E/E systems development involves joining various subsystems and components with precise timing. To achieve the symphonic synergy that is effective E/E systems design and execution, different domains and disciplines need to be in harmony. 

Cloud computing ensures accurate and timely communication and collaboration in several ways:

  • These solutions offer cloud-based collaboration tools that provide a common environment for engineers to work together, share documents, exchange ideas and communicate seamlessly.
  • They allow multiple developers to work on the same project simultaneously, making it easier to share code and track and manage changes.

Companies that collaborate are 30% more innovative and at least 36% more productive than those that don’t.

Frost & Sullivan

Effective collaboration and communication in this increasingly globalized and digitalized world are the difference between success and failure. According to Frost & Sullivan, companies that collaborate are 30% more innovative and at least 36% more productive than those that don’t.

Although there are various options for cloud-based digital solutions for E/E systems development, there is one clear chief among them– there’s only one Capital.

Siemens Capital for Cloud-based E/E System Design

With its cloud-based offering, Capital provides a secure, virtual environment where teams can work together from all corners of the globe. This centralization enables greater visibility and traceability for all domains and disciplines involved in electrical program and wire system development.

Using a comprehensive digital twin and digital thread, Capital can provide more holistic coverage of the E/E development process. It covers a design flow that spans E/E system design, harness manufacturing engineering and in-service publication creation.

Here are some additional benefits of working with the Capital portfolio:

• Gain insights throughout the entire product lifecycle

• Mitigate certification and regulatory compliance issues earlier

• Avoid the high cost of rework and missed milestones

• Stay on schedule and avoid late-stage changes

Continue exploring cloud-based digital solutions for aerospace E/E systems development

E/E systems design and development is complex, pressure-filled work, but when paired with a cloud-based digital solution, it becomes more manageable, predictable and traceable.

This article gives you a sense of what is possible, but there is so much more.

Get the complete story on how a digital solution can optimize collaboration, how cloud-based infrastructure enables more speed, flexibility and scalability, and why Capital is the ideal solution because of its holistic approach and advanced automation capabilities.

Download this ebook and bring calm and clarity to E/E systems development.


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