Welcoming AMbitious to the Siemens solution partner team

For those in Germany who are interested in high-quality metal additive manufacturing, Siemens has welcomed a new solution partner into our fold. AMbitious is a new company in Germany who provides printing services and Siemens software to customers who need assistance with 3D printing.

AMbitious can help German companies achieve their metal AM goals.

AMbitious can train companies on the use of Siemens software for additive manufacturing, can provide Siemens software to companies who do their own design and printing, and they also offer design and production services in-house.

The unique service value proposition at AMbitious is to offer the complete AM process chain in-house. This includes design and simulation, material testing in their own laboratory, printed part production, heat treatment, post-print machining, and optical, tactile and non-destructive testing.

AMbitious is a sister company to our customer toolcraft who you may remember being featured in several of our customer success stories, so you can have confidence that they understand the AM process from design to print and beyond.

If you are a company in Germany who is looking to augment your current capabilities with high-quality metal printing, either in-house or with a supplier, AMbitious can help you in that endeavor.

Welcome, AMbitious! We are happy to have you aboard.

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This article first appeared on the Siemens Digital Industries Software blog at https://blogs.sw.siemens.com/additive/welcoming-ambitious-to-the-siemens-solution-partner-team/