Webinar: Attaining the Additive Advantage

By Ashley Eckhoff

For those who are looking to get into additive manufacturing (3D printing) or those who have just started their journey into additive, I’ll be hosting a webinar in just a few days (March 23rd) that will discuss ways companies can utilize additive manufacturing without risking their business.

Utilizing additive manufacturing is a journey that includes a lot of knowledge acquisition. Ideally, you want to gain that knowledge as efficiently as possible, but without risking your everyday business.

In this webinar I will discuss the journey that many companies go through to attain proficiency with additive and we’ll also have a look at a series of applications for additive manufacturing that are low-impact with regards to your core business, but which can be high-impact with regards to learning about additive, saving money, or saving time.

If you’re new to additive, or if you’re still looking for ways to get into 3D printing, I hope you’ll join me on March 23rd. The webinar will be recorded and will be available on-demand for those who cannot attend the live webinar. So I hope you’ll join me to learn how you too can attain the additive advantage for your company. The registration link is below.

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