The Siemens AM Podcast – Season 2

By Ashley Eckhoff

We’ve started Season 2 of the Siemens AM Podcast and this season, we’re doing things slightly differently. I’m concentrating on a few key industries in the additive manufacturing space by dedicating several podcasts to deeper-diving into what those industries are doing with additive.

As usual, we keep things pretty tight, so your time investment is minimal, but hopefully well spent. My guests and I will discuss the uses of additive as well as the general state of 3D printing, the growing pains, the potential, and the future of additive manufacturing in each of these industries.

We’re starting with the aerospace industry, so the first few episodes will deep-dive into how additive is being used to further commercial, defense, and space applications in the aerospace industry and I truly hope you’ll join us for The Siemens AM Podcast, now in our second season.

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