Offer Your Students Siemens Digital Badges for Projects and Coursework

By Jennifer Bradford

Siemens empowers educators to help students demonstrate their skill and proficiency with the world’s #1 industrial software by providing free customized digital badges based on the projects and coursework you’re already teaching!

Sample Custom Badge

As educators, you plan your syllabus to maximize the value of the knowledge that you offer to your students. The pressure to meet accreditation criteria, stay current with industry demands and still provide rock solid fundamentals to your students has never been more intense, and the pandemic has added extraordinary challenge to that intensity. We hear you. We’re here to help.

Industry/Academic partnership is a topic that comes up in every single conversation we have with educators. Whether at the GEDC Industry Forum, through our work with ABET, IFEES, ASEE, SEFI or directly with our university partners – finding opportunities to support educators drives the work that we do. These conversations led us to develop a framework for badging the coursework that our partner educators offer to their students. By telling us a bit about your course or project and how it uses Siemens software, you can partner with Siemens to offer your students digital badges that demonstrate to potential employers the skill, knowledge and know-how that they have achieved through the coursework or projects through which you’ve guided them.


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