Get to know our new MBSE course in this free webinar

By Jennifer Bradford

mbds.pngSystems Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and engineering management that focuses on designing and managing complex systems over their lifecycles. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a formalized approach to perform systems engineering activities with the use of computerized models that allow practitioners to accurately simulate, analyze and predict outcomes within and among systems. Our new Siemens Xcelerator Academy course for MBSE is everything you need to get up to speed on this approach to systems engineering. This webinar will take you on a tour of our MBSE course, including:

    • What is MBSE?
    • What is included in this course?
    • How can educators and students get access to this course?
    • Is there a cost to obtain Siemens Xcelerator Academy Academic memberships? (hint, the answer’s NO!)


What’s better than industrial-strength software, real-world competitions and a dynamic community? How about free training and curriculum that ties it all together? Did you know that all schools and teams that have Siemens software licenses are entitled to FREE access to Siemens Xcelerator Academy? No? Well then you should check out our Intro to Siemens Xcelerator Academy webinar and make the most of this awesome resource!

Siemens Xcelerator Academy is our custom learning portal featuring over 4000 on-demand learning assets. It’s always free for our academic partners, students and customers. Features include a simple user interface, robust reporting functionality and an ever-growing library of courses, tutorials and short videos. Additionally, a special Academic Resource Center section which features a discipline-driven comprehensive course curriculum is available exclusively to and built especially for our academic partners.

Already using Siemens Xcelerator Academy? Share your favorite courses, tutorials or curriculum packages with us below in the comments!

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