Consistent Empowering Education in South Korea

By youheng.dong

Siemens Digital Industries Software keeps supporting the effort and inspire and cultivate the next generation of engineers in FOUR ways in South Korea:

  1. Academic Partnership University
  2. Developing special online courses with universities
  3. Cumulative online training for students
  4. Last not least that supporting student competition teams

There are more new partnerships engaged with our Academic Partner Program:

Hongik University, Sungkyunkwan University, Yonsei University, Inha University, Gachon University, TECH UNIVERSITY OF KOREA, etc…..

Group photo as Academic MoU signing with Sungkyunkwan University
Group photo as Academic MoU signing with Sungkyunkwan University
Academic MoU signing between TECH UNIVERSITY OF KOREA and Siemens
Academic MoU signing between TECH UNIVERSITY OF KOREA and Siemens

With academic partnerships, more and more students are learning industry required skills and are prepared to help companies transform rapidly and effectively and have the skills to convert their ideas into innovations of the future.

Students in ChungBuk National University have learned Siemens software in their courses. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Chungbuk National University(CBNU) has been actively attempting on-the-job training in the curriculum operation to nurture excellent professionals for future automobile development and focusing on training to maximize on-site job competency by utilizing integrated simulation software such as Simcenter Amesim. In the second semester of 2021 as undergraduate course, lectures using AMESIM were conducted for the graduate thesis, heat transfer, and Thermodynamics II courses, more than 100 students are benefited it.

Analysis for Heat System with Simcenter Amesim
Analysis for Heat System with Simcenter Amesim

Students are not only learning the basic engineering knowledge in class, but also have hands-on practice with advanced industry software solutions. Students go to university to build something they dreamed of. For example, aerospace engineering students come to work on airplanes, rockets and satellites, like KAIST leverages Siemens solution to support innovation in education. These creative ideas are also influencing industry’s innovation. A digital mindset and real-world application are giving students a future proof professional skill set.


Siemens empowers educators to help students demonstrate their skill and proficiency with industrial software by providing free customized digital badges based on the projects and coursework they’re already teaching! Students and educators can share their experience with Siemens per the digital badges in many ways. To know more details of our academic partner program, please visit here.

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