Classroom Resource: Introduce your Students to Digital Transformation

By Christina DePinto

Today’s business landscape is quickly evolving. The companies who can adapt and change with new technologies are reaping major competitive advantages.  This is known as Digital Transformation – the process of digitalizing business processes and information in the pursuit of a more agile and efficient business model. Companies that are transforming need an incoming workforce with a digital mindset that understands how new technologies can reduce errors and increase responsiveness to competitive threats, market disruptions and new opportunities.

Students entering the workforce need an education that can keep up with this pace of innovation and teach them how to identify digital tools and trends that can transform business processes. This course focuses on current trends in computing, visual, connectivity and artificial intelligence. As well digital tools for design, manufacturing and usage of products. Upon completion of this course, your students will be able to:

  • Summarize digital transformation – what, how and why
  • Outline important technical trends within today’s economy
  • Identify digital tools that can be applied to transform business processes
  • Apply digital transformation to a variety of industries

Prepare you students for Industry 4.0 and download this course now!

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