Transforma Insights reports Siemens has the strongest offerings in PLM software

By Steve Hartman

Did you know that Siemens is a leader in PLM software? The Transforma Insights’ Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Service Provider Peer Benchmarking 2021 Report analyzes the relative strengths of twelve ‘Providers’ in delivering Digital Transformation capabilities for manufacturing/production and related industries. The report focuses on product lifecycle management (PLM), which is one of the most competitive spaces for vendors that were analyzed.

Siemens was noted to have strong offerings in SaaS-based CAD and PLM solutions.

Teamcenter X, part of Siemens Xcelerator as a Service, was specifically mentioned because it enables a multi-domain Comprehensive Digital Twin combining electrical, mechanical, and software elements in a single platform. Teamcenter X is built using industrial components from  Siemens Xcelerator Cloud Platform, allowing customers to leverage cloud-native micro-services and stand-up new apps quickly.

According to the Transforma Insights report: PLM involves managing the development of a product from concept to ultimate redundancy and disposal. It includes all aspects of development, including computer aided design, as well as various techniques associated with managing the operational phase of the devices including Digital Twin. It also includes monetization techniques that apply through the full product lifecycle.

The way PLM is delivered and deployed is becoming a point of interest for organizations of all sizes. One point in particular is SaaS/cloud offerings particularly among mid-market and start-up customers, because of the ease and value it brings.

Learn more about the software portfolio of Siemens Xcelerator and its as a Service offering.

Download and read the full report from Transforma Insights:

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