We’re ready to Converge!

How will Siemens propel growth in the year ahead? And how will customers benefit from digital transformation?

These are the questions we will answer at this year’s Converge 2022 — a virtual event happening on October 13-14th — where the importance of digital transformation and the future of what it means for the organization and the industry as a whole is taking center stage.

Our leadership and employees are excited about this opportunity to come together and gain a holistic view of the vision in the coming year. Our sessions will include discussing the monumental launching of Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS) and how it will shape the face of the company.

As we learn more about moving forward in FY22, we’re excited to embrace digital transformation as an organization and learn how each individual can play an important role. We’re ready to Converge!

Learn more about Xcelerator as a Service.

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