Siemens Xcelerator: Digitalization to prepare for tomorrow

By Steve Hartman

As companies look toward the future, many are asking, “How do we preserve what we have?”

But, customers expect greater personalization, products are becoming more complex, software and electronics are growing in importance, and the need for collaboration is greater than ever.

In this age of change and disruption, there are more pressing questions companies should be asking: “What are we going to become?”

From our perspective, the answer is to become a digital enterprise.

Siemens Xcelerator was created for exactly this purpose: to help companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, embrace digitalization and turn complexity into their competitive advantage.

What is Xcelerator by Siemens?

Xcelerator encompasses software solutions that support an array of engineering disciplines,

At its core, Siemens Xcelerator is a portfolio of software solutions designed to help companies achieve better results, faster. This powerful portfolio of engineering software, services and application development capabilities enables innovative product and manufacturing design, while robust MBSE and digital thread capabilities ensure that data is accessible when and where it’s needed — throughout the design, production and utilization flow.

Meanwhile, cloud-based analytics and low-code application development enable data collection and analysis from the factory floor and products in the field. With these capabilities, companies can integrate actual usage data back into product development creating a closed feedback loop and consistent design optimization.

More than engineering software solutions and services, companies also gain a trusted technology partner in Siemens Digital Industries Software to help guide and support their digital transformation. Only Siemens provides the infrastructure and deep industrial experience (with over 30 factories worldwide) to support transparent, efficient and effective co-development between engineering and process domains.

Working with Siemens enables companies to achieve enterprise digitalization faster and more securely.

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Digital transformation: the three critical imperatives

Digital enterprises will share data and collaborate in the design, manufacture and deployment of products and processes across discrete and process industries. As companies work towards this vision, three critical business imperatives have emerged that will drive operational excellence and digital transformation:

Comprehensive digital twin. The comprehensive digital twin is at the center of digital transformation. It comprises a digital fabric at varying levels of abstraction from product design, manufacturing and in-field utilization data from the IoT. By working across engineering boundaries, the comprehensive digital twin enables cross-domain engineering, virtual validation and continuous product and process improvement through aa closed-loop feedback system supported by cloud-based analytics.

Personalized, adaptable solutions. Every organization faces unique challenges and, therefore, demands tailored solutions and a customized point-of-entry to digitalization. These solutions must adapt to each company’s digital roadmap and unique characteristics, such as geographical distribution and organizational experience with specific tools. Adaptable solutions empower companies to derive insight and accelerate digitalization by connecting new and legacy systems, automating processes and facilitating data analytics.

New low-code and no-code application development platforms are a critical component. Mendix, part of the Xcelerator portfolio, delivers the most robust low-code and no-code application development environment. This platform opens up the ability to drive business transformation through custom software applications. Now, employees of all experience levels can create applications to fit their needs.

Open, modern ecosystem. As products become more complex, companies will need to create new connections both within and beyond their organization to leverage technology and experience from around the industry. This industrial network effect brings buyers, developers, designers, production houses, sub-contractors, suppliers and more together in a global ecosystem with hubs of innovation and collaboration.

Moving to the digital future with Xcelerator

The Xcelerator portfolio enables companies to adopt these imperatives quickly and with predictable outcomes as part of their digital transformation. Xcelerator delivers benefits across both the design-manufacture-optimize flow and traditionally disparate engineering domains, such as electrical, mechanical, production planning and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Furthermore, its integrated digital twin and model-based system engineering (MBSE) capabilities facilitate the coordination of suppliers, partners and industry-specific ecosystems, enabling customers to optimize value chains from product design, development and production, to post-sale enhancement.

The Xcelerator portfolio encompasses software solutions that support an array of engineering disciplines, such as:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronics
  • Software design tools
  • Simulation environments
  • Manufacturing operations planning and management solutions

Xcelerator also contains software and services that help improve and evolve processes, including product and application lifecycle management solutions, low-code application development and cloud-based analytics.

The more digital our world becomes, the faster organizations must adapt to a new industrial landscape. Tomorrow, companies will need more than advanced engineering and IT solutions. They will need to undertake organizational transformation and engage in peer-to-peer collaboration to drive success in the future. With the Xcelerator portfolio and a breadth of industrial experience, Siemens Digital Industries Software is unique in its ability to drive digital transformation and foster collaboration in all industries and companies, regardless of size.

Siemens Xcelerator is where today meets tomorrow.

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