What can give startups the competitive edge?

How can startups compete against companies that have been in the game for years, if not decades? As an innovator seeking to enter a market, you need digital tools and advanced technologies that allow you to compete on a global scale.

These startup companies are using the advanced digital tools of today to build the innovative products of tomorrow.

Startup Competitive Advantage Examples: Check them out


“Saving energy today is still a big challenge, as real sustainability is measured not only in terms of efficiency and breadth of use, but also in the materials used and the manufacturing process.”

Frank Thelen, Kraftblock investor

Kraftblock creates customized energy solutions to reduce climate change. Their story begins with implementing Solid Edge for Startups, part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

Check out their story:

Kraftblock creates a storage-based energy system

Rurok Industries

The idea behind Rurok Industries was to produce performance mountain bikes inspired by the mountains in the Philippines. But how could Rurok Industries distinguish themselves from the other bikes in this highly-competitive market?

Solid Edge helped the company reduce development time by 20 percent while producing parts that were 50 percent stiffer and 20 percent lighter. Check out their story of success:

Rurok Industries use Solid Edge for Startups to build performance bikes

RadioBro Corporation

These twin brothers are using the digital twin with Solid Edge for Startups to break into the highly competitive aerospace industry. They needed reliable tools and technologies to develop aircraft electronics.

They’re using the software within the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio to design, realize and optimize their electronics systems.

“It is changing the way products are designed entirely, and is making our quality system more efficient”

Mark Becnel, founder/owner of RadioBro Corporation
RadioBro Corporation uses Solid Edge to help their business take off

Mobile Glassblowing Studios

The founder of Mobile Glassblowing Studios has a passion for glass. He built his business by taking his vision of creating an affordable, mobile glassblowing furnace for artisans, teachers and hobbyists alike to take wherever they wanted to go.

See how Mobile Glassblowing Studios used Solid Edge for Startups to bring their dreams to life and revolutionize the art glass industry:

The Hero Lab

“When you start your own company, CAD isn’t just another tool—it is an integral part of how you build and how you design. It’s part of the process of getting things done”

Matt Barton, founder of The Hero Lab

With the tagline: Where imagination meets metal, he’s used Solid Edge for Startups to bring interactive marketing and motorsports fabrication to his customers.

Learn more about The Hero Lab:

The Hero Labs uses Solid Edge for Startups


Known for providing high-performance drones that deliver life-saving payloads, Wingcopter is using Solid Edge to deliver the next of phase innovation.

Check out their story here.

Solid Edge is part of Siemens’ Xcelerator, a comprehensive portfolio of software, services and low-code application development platform.  

See how Xcelerator is a catalyst for digital transformation and is helping companies — from small startups to global enterprises — get to the future faster.

What is the value of becoming a digital enterprise?
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