Xcelerator: Adaptable solutions to help inspire innovation

By Steve Hartman

What inspires us to innovate?

For most, it’s not the company mission but rather the desire to improve the world through innovation. Regardless of the size of the company — from a high school student to a multi-billion-dollar international organization — Xcelerator offers digital transformation solutions that adapt to your personal needs to drive innovation.

Below are unique stories of how organizations and individuals have used digitalization to blur the lines between engineering domains and leverage advanced tools to think beyond physical limitations and build in a virtual environment.

Ashley Kimbel uses Digital Twin

The high school student who used Solid Edge and digital twin technology to design a better prosthetic leg for a local veteran.

The story of a high school student who built a better prosthetic leg for a wounded marine

Read her story here: The Siemens and Ashley Kimbel Story


The startup that quickly built the drone that delivers life-saving medicine to remote areas.

Zipline uses digital twin software to build drones that transport medical supply

Click here to read how Zipline is transforming the medical delivery industry with digitalization and autonomous drones.

JPL Mars Rover

Figuring out how to land on Mars is the one of toughest jobs on Earth. To get it done, this storied organization had to simulate and build a rover that couldn’t be tested in a lab, but still had to survive in unpredictable conditions.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory ran hundreds of simulations to plan for multiple conditions – some impossible to replicate on Earth.

Read how 250+ NASA JPL engineers met the challenge and built a rover that could survive a 76-million-mile journey to Mars.

Xcelerator provides personalized and adaptable solutions that help power innovation and a digital transformation that enables new business models and meets the rapidly changing constraints of technology today.

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