Growing Your Knowledge and Skills with Xcelerator Academy Labs

Xcelerator Academy is excited to announce the release of Xcelerator Academy Labs. This offer provides a cloud-based virtual environment for on-demand training needs. Siemens’ software customers can now complete hands-on activities through their Xcelerator Academy Membership.

With Teamcenter, Polarion, Opcenter, and other Siemens’ software, you’re able to practice using the software through lab hours while training on the software.

Some features and benefits for Siemens’ software customers are:

  • Safe practice environment.
  • Cloud-based virtual lab environments are pre-configured to support the computing and graphic performance required for Siemens’ software products.
  • No installation or licensing from Siemens Digital Industries Software products required.
  • Xcelerator Academy Labs are supported by standard browsers with minimal network connection requirements.
  • Launchable directly from existing Xcelerator Academy Membership.
  • 24/7 availability that can be used at the workplace, home, or anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Provides access to the latest Siemens software releases. 
  • Xcelerator Academy Lab hours are purchased on an annual basis and assigned to an individual user. This is non-transferable.

For more information about our newest feature and to review our frequently asked questions, view here.

New to Xcelerator Academy? Take advantage of the free Xcelerator Academy Experience to explore our offerings in the Xcelerator Academy Membership.

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