Honoring International Women’s Day

By Siemens Xcelerator Academy

Providing Education & Certification to support tomorrow’s female leaders!

When walking along one of my engineering school’s hallway, one poster always caught my attention- A pair of blue babies booties, next to a pair of pink ones with the question “GUESS WHICH ONE WILL GROW UP TO BE AN ENGINEER!”

It’s no secret that Engineering has historically been a male-dominated profession. Interest in math and sciences might still be a little off putting for young ladies just trying to find their way into the working world.

We are fortunate to live in an era where we have so many female leaders and role models who can guide the next generation and ensure that the women of the future have an even brighter future! 

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the contribution of women around the world. We at the Siemens EDA Customer Training team would love to do our share in supporting the grooming of future female leaders through EDUCATION!  Whether you are still in college, or decided to take some time off to raise a family and are now ready to get back to the working world we are here to help you sharpen your skills.  Our self-paced courses are a great way to learn about technology and replenish your technical skills!  Our Digital Badging and Certification program allows you to showcase what you have learned, share it on social media, get noticed and shine!  You will be adding credibility to your resume and communicating your expertise to your network and potential employers, increasing your chances to find that perfect match with the right job opportunity (maybe in our Learning Services team – please check our open positions!).

Let us know if you are interested in free access to our self-paced courses and digital badges.  The process to qualify is simple and we are happy to help you along the way – contact us:

Every one of us has the ability and opportunity to change the world and this represents a great opportunity to empower women! We must be more visible, more active and do our best to inspire each other. So, share the word and encourage your peers, your daughters, and any young female engineer of your knowledge to take our program! 


Flore Gouaux, Government Program Manager / Women’s Impact Network France co-lead, Siemens EDA Learning Services

Bonnie Willoughby, Customer Training Group Director, Siemens EDA Learning Services

Weaam A. Younis, Lead Customer Training Engineer, Siemens EDA Learning Services 


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