Let @oneGlance Learning Maps guide your learning journey

By Siemens Xcelerator Academy

The world is moving so fast and innovations in technology demand that we think differently about how to keep up to date.  When we travel, we use GPS to get to reach our favorite destination quickly while avoiding traffic jams, road closures and other delays. As engineers, we use flow charts and diagrams in our daily work.

So why not use a guide to find the class or training flow of your choice?  We have come up with a way to get you to the courses that you WANT to get the knowledge you NEED!  

@oneGlance learning maps present a visual guide so that you can see all the classes that we offer and then select the right class for your needs. Each map is organized by mastery level and shows both the duration (for live classes) and available methods of delivery (classroom, live online, self-paced) for each course. They also provide direct links to the course web pages, where you can find the course outlines and enroll in any course.

We no longer can afford to attend one single “event” and feel like our education is complete.  Our courses are organized to enable you to purchase any live offering AND subscribe to a self-paced course or library for 12 months.  Take a look at our @oneGlance learning maps and in addition to our live classes, find all our self-paced courses and libraries that you can subscribe to for 12 months. We add and refresh our self-paced content regularly and as a subscriber you will get access to all new and updated content at no additional fee.  Signing up for a self-paced course after taking a live class provides the long-term hands-on training that keeps engineers up to date and help them sharpen and maintain their expertise.

Cloud-based virtual labs, used in our classes, are a great way to test drive the features and capabilities of our software. Using our virtual labs, you won’t need to set up and configure the software or to use your production software licenses: everything you need is included and set up in the virtual lab environment. This provides you the opportunity to “learn by doing” and keep yourself focused on becoming proficient with the software or solution of your choice.

Our innovations are here to help you reach your educational goals faster, so that you can get your work done right the first time. So, start using our @oneGlance learning maps as your educational GPS and hit the road for some adventure! 

A Sneak peek is coming soon (in a blog near you) about our brand-new Certification and Badging offering. This offering is designed to help you test your knowledge and show off your expertise!  Stay tuned!

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