Customer Testimonials

By Xcelerator Academy

It makes us happy when our customers take the time to tell us how much they appreciate an aspect of our training offerings. The following feedback is from a few users who attended our remote online classes over the summer of 2020.

Customer at top European company taking the Schematic Entry in the Xpedition Flow class:

“Despite the fact that it took place online, the training was very good. The trainer was able to explain very well. I would still recommend the course online with a clear conscience. In order to be able to use Mentor without restrictions, I took the course out of an open-plan office and the conversations between colleagues in the background were sometimes disruptive. Many thanks to Gerhard Busch for the training.”

Customer at top US IC company taking the writing PERC Rules class:

“Overall the class was a good learning experience. The course material starts off at ground zero which is good and does cover the advanced topics of PERC which is beneficial to more advanced users. Course training slides are well written, but access is limited. It would be good for the course participants to have a copy of the lecture slides. Paul Vo delivered a great class.”

Customer at top Mil Aero company taking SystemVerilog Assertions class:

“Massoud was a great instructor and provided a lot of information. It just takes me time to process it all and apply the information properly. Thank you for a great class!”

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