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DVCon India 2022 – In-Person Again!

By Dennis Brophy

Accellera plays host to the global Design & Verification Conferences.  For the past few years, the DVCons have been virtual only.  With DVCon India 2022, Accellera takes its first steps to return to in-person, live events.  If you have not already taken a look at the conference agenda, I invite you to do so.  I also encourage you to consider registering to attend the conference on September 5th & 6th

In my role with Accellera, I have worked to bring the Portable Stimulus Working Group’s in-depth tutorial on the Portable Stimulus Standard casting “PSS in the Real World” to you.  The tutorial is a creation of the working group and will be delivered by one of PSS working group experts, Karthick Gururaj from Vayavya Labs.  He will show how PSS addresses one of the largest verification challenges of creating sufficient tests to achieve coverage closure.  If you are a UVM user looking for more productivity, you will certainly want to attend this tutorial. 

Accellera is also proud to collaborate with the IEEE on EDA standards development.  In an afternoon session, Sri Chandra from the IEEE and I will review IEEE standardization, how Accellera has teamed with the IEEE for several decades, and ways you can join in standards development.  The standards development process has grown and matured over the years. As open source has played an important role in how standards are developed and delivered – think of SystemC and UVM in Accellera, the IEEE has embraced this and we will share how standards like VHDL have started to leverage the IEEE SA Open solution to leverage open source as well.

And if you are curious about what Siemens EDA will be doing at DVCon India, we have listed our sessions and activities here

The two days are packed with information, learning, and in-person interactions with industry experts.  I’ll be there and I hope to see you there too. 

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