The industrial metaverse: next-level automation

By Zac Elliott

Once relegated to the world of science fiction, the industrial metaverse is now one step closer to (virtual) reality.

Siemens and NVIDIA recently announced a partnership that connects two leading technology platforms—the Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform and the NVIDIA Omniverse open world platform—to reach the next level of industrial automation by leveraging AI-driven digital twin technology.

Siemens’ Xcelerator digital business platform accelerates the digital transformation process and provides a secure digital ecosystem and collaboration platform for customers, partners, and developers. This allows them to co-create solutions and services that would not be possible for any one company to create alone. All solutions on the platform apply the same high-quality security standards, so platform users can enjoy the benefits of digitalization without being exposed to the risk of data theft and attacks.

The NVIDIA Omniverse is a cloud-enabled platform that lets users create scalable, real-time, photo-realistic simulations. Connecting Siemens Xcelerator to NVIDIA Omniverse allows the digital twin solutions offered on the Xcelerator platform to use the Omniverse technology for full-fidelity, real-time visualization and simulation. Omniverse supports physics-based product digital twins, so the objects in the platform perform and operate just like they would in the real world. The digital twin of production is also transferred to the Omniverse platform and continuously enriched with actual production data collected on Siemens IoT and edge devices.

As a result, the fidelity between the virtual and physical world is constantly increasing. Jensen Huang, founder, and CEO of NVIDIA says, “The connection to Siemens Xcelerator will open NVIDIA’s Omniverse and AI ecosystem to a whole new world of industrial automation that is built using Siemens’ mechanical, electrical, software, IoT and edge solutions.”

Learn more about the exciting capabilities made possible by the partnership and how they bring us closer to the vision of a fully autonomous factory in my latest column on the Lead Digital Thread, published by I-Connect007.

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