Electronics contract manufacturing quoting made easier

By Mark Laing

Two ways that BOM Connector helps boost quoting efficiency – Read the whitepaper to learn more.

There are two main ways that our customers get value from BOM Connector: one is by using the BOM files for a specific product, and the second is through a demand generation list.

The first scenario uses the BOM file for a product together with a forecast of the number of boards that need to be built. Each part number on the BOM is multiplied by the number of placements for that part number and the total number of boards to be built to create the total number of parts needing to be purchased. This can be a little more involved when multiple BOM files make up a product, but the fundamental process is the same.

When all the BOM files are available in the BOM Connector project, BOM Connector will create an overall part requirements list for each unique part number across all the BOM files in the project. The advantage of this approach is that bulk discounts are more likely to be possible with increased quantities.

In the second scenario, the demand generation list are part numbers that are not tied to a specific BOM or product. The future forecast of commodity part numbers based on the contract manufacturer’s needs is stated in a file. The quantities of each part number cover the parts forecasted to be needed for many different products over some period of time. When such a list of parts is processed through BOM Connector it is treated the same as a BOM file and prices are obtained in the same manner from the component portals.

This approach means that higher volumes of parts are quoted, which may create higher bulk discounts for the contract manufacturer. It can also assist with securing parts while they are available, for use at a later time – a strategy that is becoming increasingly necessary in the current environment of a highly constrained and unpredictable global supply chain.

Regardless of your challenges with contract manufacturer quoting, BOM Connector has the capability to help you be more efficient and better manage many supply chain challenges. Learn more about this in our new whitepaper.


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