Zvi Feuer

What now? What next?

It may feel as if your company is stuck in limbo right now. But there is much you can be…

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing use cases – ep. 4 Podcast

Is your company ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing? 3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, is changing the way manufacturers…

industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing (Part 3) – breaking barriers

When information is segregated into specific silos, knowledge isn’t as accessible as it should be – threatening the integrity of…


Industrial-scale additive manufacturing (Part 2) – radical change, risks and rewards

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing is changing the way companies design products, as well as the materials to make them.

advanced machine engineering bill of materials

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 4) – managing the bill-of-materials

Industrial machinery in manufacturing is continuing to witness unparalleled developments in state-of-the-art technologies. It is an inspiring effort to design,…

industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing (Part 1) – the hype and reality.

Are you ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing ― hype or reality?

advanced machine engineering virtual commissioning simulation

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 3) – virtual machine simulation and commissioning

Virtual machine simulation and commissioning for advanced machine engineering.

Accelerating Innovation in Machine Design and Manufacturing

Embedded multi-discipline simulation, the IIoT and more; this is where machine design and manufacturing meets tomorrow.


3D printing is turning green with positive environmental impacts

Additive manufacturing providing faster, cost-effective solutions (video).