Intelligent Performance Engineering multi-physics simulation

eBook: Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) drives innovation and boosts productivity through multi-physics simulation

In the industrial manufacturing industry, machines are becoming increasingly more complex with unprecedented technological changes….

digital part production highly automated CAM

Podcast series: Digital Part Production (Part 2) – highly automated CAM

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Building a More Accessible Transportation Future: Podcast Transcript

Meeting the Needs of the Moblity Challenged. Something we rely on every day is mobility….

digital part production

Podcast transcript: Digital Part Production Overview (Part 1)

Manufacturers and machine builders are facing the challenge of increasing complexity in new machine introductions….

Machine efficiency and production, system simulation

White paper: Air dynamics simulation of oil-free air turbo compressor

Companies need to use a broad range of innovative technologies to provide high-performing hardware with…

Podcast series: Digital Part Production (Part 1) – an introduction

One of the biggest challenges for machinery manufacturers is the increasing complexity surrounding new machine…

Additive manufacturing at Hannover Fair 2021

While it definitely wasn’t the worst part of 2020, having Hannover Messe cancelled last year…

Component repair with additive manufacturing

Repair, after a product or facility is created, it is one of the greatest costs…

Behind the Scenes of Formula One Design with Elizabeth Apthorp, Composite Design: Podcast Transcript

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