industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Podcast series: Industrial-scale additive manufacturing (Part 1) – the hype and reality.

Are you ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing ― hype or reality?…

advanced machine engineering virtual commissioning simulation

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 3) – virtual machine simulation and commissioning

Virtual machine simulation and commissioning for advanced machine engineering….

Accelerating Innovation in Machine Design and Manufacturing

Embedded multi-discipline simulation, the IIoT and more; this is where machine design and manufacturing meets tomorrow….


3D printing is turning green with positive environmental impacts

Additive manufacturing providing faster, cost-effective solutions (video)….

advanced machine engineering

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 2) – leveraging multi-disciplinary design

Collaboration for machine builders, examining the machine design process (podcast)…

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 1) – industrial machinery

The scenery of industrial machinery in manufacturing is seeing a pioneering renovation of technological progressions….

industrializing additive manufacturing

Where additive manufacturing meets tomorrow: challenges to industrializing 3D printing

The goal of industrializing additive manufacturing is moving it past the prototype stage into the mainstream….

Implementing smart manufacturing for parts manufacturing

Industrial machinery in manufacturing is witnessing dynamic technological advancements. It is a significant task to…

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 4) – creating a smart factory

Innovative manufacturing techniques for smart factory operations….