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Quality in the future of manufacturing

By Bill Butcher

In a recently published white paper by Frost & Sullivan, they discuss the investment of quality in manufacturing. Quality is a crucial element of the manufacturing process but seems to be a lower priority than other KPIs, including cycle times, lead times and production efficiency. 

Although the value of quality is a known factor, its cost is not always appropriately managed. Furthermore, avoiding quality management is not an intentional decision, but it’s often challenging to address the cost and transition to enable a proper CLQ. Therefore, though quality’s attributes are broadly acknowledged, its depth is unexplored. This white paper establishes a deep analysis of the quality paradigm for manufacturing. 

Read the white paper.

This white papers’ focus is on two industries: automotive and industrial machinery & heavy equipment. 

Commitment to quality in manufacturing

Quality in manufacturing is an ongoing commitment to excel in all departments, individuals and processes that develop a product. A customer must choose the optimal solution for their targeted goals, ensuring the highest level of quality throughout the product’s lifecycle using innovative technologies associated with Digital Part Production.

A company can no longer rely on in-house quality teams that use static documents or isolated applications for quality management tracking. There is a need for robust quality management to address the ever-expanding and increasingly complex business requirements. This shift is propelling smarter modes of managing quality in the form of QMS. 

QMS suites in software include a structured collection of business objectives, policies, procedures and principles that ensure meeting customer requirements. This includes respecting regulations and norms for implementing improvement tools, reducing cost and managing quality efficiently. All of this is harmoniously implemented as one, and instructions adequately documented. 

The software provides the architecture for data analysis, monitoring and measuring performance and completing audits while adhering to process requirements. Documented quality management ensures efficient administration of product and process quality, guided by professionals across all management department levels.

Software solutions

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