Tech Insiders Webinar: How Digitalization is transforming the Electronics Industry

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Digitalization changes everything, everywhere! It’s inevitable, new business drivers are forcing the Electronics industry to rethink every element of their business. Virtually every company is talking about innovation and digitalization. The challenge is turning the talk into tangible results.
Join us to learn more about how digitalization is disrupting and changing the way we do business today, how you can quickly take advantage of this disruption. As well as learning about some of the key best practices and guidelines to consider when adopting this strategy:

  • How to take advantage of the speed, flexibility, efficiency and increased quality by adopting a digitalization strategy

  • Realizing the benefits of the Digital Twin, critical validation before production with virtual process modeling and simulation

  • Understanding the factors driving businesses towards more control of their global operations and supply chain, including the extended ecosystem of designers, builders, factories, suppliers, and customers

  • Achieving sustainability and adopting best practices in order to meet regulatory compliance and the demands of the consumers

Using an integrated approach to digitalization is the key to providing the necessary visibility and insight in order to make the most informed and wise decisions. Not just for your company, but for future generations. Whatever you call it Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or Digitalization its coming and the traditional ideas of what a product or company is are changing. Learn how you can meet these challenges head on by working with the right partner for your business.

SPEAKER: David Accomazzo – VP Electronics Industry,  Siemens

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of California. He has an extensive background in leading business development in the areas of IoT, Digital Enterprise and Industry 4.0. Primarily focusing on the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries in the US.

SPEAKER: Mark Lukens – Director, Business and Solutions Consulting, Siemens

Mark holds an MSME in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. For more than 10 years Mark has been leading business development and technical support organizations to identify business solutions and value justifications, and develop and demonstrate PLM solutions in leading U.S. electronics and semiconductor companies.

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