SynthAI Presented at NVIDIA GTC 2022 

By Kelly Gallagher

Siemens SynthAI, AI powered machine vision automation platform, was presented at leading AI technology conference, GTC 2022 hosted by NVIDIA September 19-22, 2022. The virtual conference was a three-day event consisting of insightful keynotes and trainings where AI and Metaverse pioneers gathered to explore the latest technologies and breakthroughs in the industrial metaverse. 

Siemens robotics expert, Zachi Mann, presented a training at NVIDIA GTC 2022, How to Build a Custom Synthetic Data Pipeline to Train AI Perception Models. As part of the educational session, Mann showcases how SynthAI is used to generate synthetic data to train machine learning models for various industrial use cases. See how the AI-driven platform improves the ability to generate high-quality, synthetic images and trained models in a matter of minutes. Rather than waiting for preproduction parts to be ready or using complex processes to generate synthetic data, machine vision specialists only need to provide the part’s 3D CAD data to SynthAI resulting in faster deployment and major cost savings. To learn more about SynthAI capabilities, read our previous blog. 

Siemens SynthAI_NVIDIA GTC 2022
Siemens robotics expert, Zachi Mann, featuring SynthAI demo at leading AI technology conference, GTC 2022.

As part of the session’s larger discussion, attendees witness how NVIDIA Replicator, an omniverse-based development environment, is accelerating the use of generating synthetic data. Viewers can see how NVIDIA is partnering with industry leaders like Siemens to develop solutions on the Omiverse Platform to advance digitalization and realize the industrial metaverse’s enormous potential. Siemens is actively collaborating with NVIDIA to evaluate how Replicator can be a complementary solution to support the simulation and rendering functionality of SynthAI. The ongoing partnership between Siemens and NVIDIA will empower the industrial metaverse so that manufacturers can run simulations faster than real-time production and make data more useful with value-added technologies like AI and synthetic data. 

Watch the the hands-on presentation and discover how SynthAI enables valuable time and cost savings for manufacturing engineers.


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