Smart Manufacturing for Electronics in action.

By Mike Rouman

Many manufacturers, just like you, are enjoying big benefits in their business today from the use of smart manufacturing for electronics solutions. Here are some examples.

HP uses Siemens Variation Analysis to gain confidence in their robust designs that lead to lower cost and streamlined manufacturing.

HP_Inkjet_VA.jpgIn the case of ink jet printers, HP utilizes this technology to control the quality of parts and assembly processes – and overall product performance. HP is able to clearly see how poor design and assembly immediately leads to service calls and warranty claims. And, what it looks like when they get design and manufacturing just right. That is smart manufacturing.


ASML, a leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, uses Siemens Plant Simulation software to optimize production scenarios.ASML_machine.jpg

For ASML, “The Plant Simulation result is an optimized production line configuration that supports the needed throughput and reduces the investment in production resources.” That is smart manufacturing. > Read more.


Zollner Elektronik leverages digital manufacturing tools from Siemens to accelerate process planning and win new customers.Zollner_Elektronik_web.jpg

According to Zollner, “… we achieved an exceptionally accurate realization of the continuous flow production, one-piece flow concept and optimized material link. The direct result of that achievement was a significant reduction in cycle time, work-in-progress and stocks. We realized the objective of our lean management approach – avoiding as much waste as possible.” That is smart manufacturing. > Read more.


By managing information for eight product departments and increasing the visibility of development projects, Siemens software helps Haier Group shrink time-to-market by 15 percent.


According to Haier, “We view the PLM implementation as a sound foundation to support innovation and all of our business strategies, including global brand building, diversification and worldwide market penetration.” That is smart manufacturing. > Read more.


Siemens itself is an example of a highly automated, digital enterprise based on digitalization, a Digital Twin and the digital thread.

Siemens_Amberg.jpgSiemens Electronic Works Amberg has already achieved incredible benefits, such as 50 percent reduction in time of NPI, 24 hour lead time for new orders, 75 percent reduction in time of technology transfers, 50 percent reduction of change handling time and near-perfect (99.9985 percent) quality. That is smart manufacturing. > Watch here to learn more.

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