Pushing to be More Innovative

By AdamDales

To continue the conversation we started last post about the Hackathon takeaways – As a big organization, we need to be disruptive of ourselves, show a willingness to venture into new fields and technologies. That Hands-free Work Instruction project by one of the teams at our Hackathon was a good example of breaking out of the mold. Another out-of-the-box suggestion: send groups of our R&D/QA engineers to customer sites. Let us experience first-hand how our users work, and find out what they need to work even better.

And to show you that innovation shouldn’t lose sight of the human side, there was a heartwarming moment right at the beginning of the Hackathon, when one of the teams spontaneously invited a brand-new employee to join them as she arrived for her first day at work. They weren’t at all fazed by this unplanned real-time adjustment, in fact it just stoked their innovative fire even higher.

Stay tune for… The Innovator Gene

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