Plant Simulation software enables digitalization for the glass industry

By Stephanie Aldrete

Learn how you can benefit by using Siemens’ Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software to digitalize processes in glass ma

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Digitalization is the essential next step in glass manufacturing. It is founded on the industry’s high level of automation with digital manufacturing solutions provided by Siemens’ Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software.   Siemens is making a key element of digitalization available for the glass industry.  Plant Simulation lets users simulate the manufacturing sequence of an entire glass line.  That means they can use the virtual representation of a plant to optimize its operation and maintenance in real time.  The digital twin lets you perform a range of scenarios to test whether the production plant will meet the desired requirements and, thanks to Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, the opportunities are limitless.

The program lets you monitor all transport routes and processing stages within your plant, like windshield assembly in automotive glass manufacturing, for example.

When sheets of glass are transported within the plant, manual transportation regularly results in breakage and delays.  The digital twin lets plant operators test various means of transport to develop a complete, customized solution.

How do you benefit from using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation in automotive glass manufacturing?

The software helps you to:

    • Reduce costs
    • Improve the efficiency of your plant
    • Shorten your time to market by enabling end-to-end design and analysis of your entire plants.
    • Make the right decisions

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is your path to digitalization in the glass industry.  Read more about Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software here.

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