Plant Simulation helps Sansera to reduce manpower by 30%

By Stephanie Aldrete

Sansera Engineering uses Plant Simulation to optimize production efficiency

Sansera is a global engineering company that manufactures complex precision engineered components for automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers. Sansera also builds its own computerized numerical control-special purpose machines and manufacturing lines, enabling its customers to benefit from the dual advantages of cost effectiveness and enhanced machining capabilities.

Sansera’s resources, together with its expert engineering team, possess the highest level of technical and professional competence to produce complex products that meet their customers’ quality standards. The company’s portfolio encompasses components ranging from 15 grams to 12 kilograms and includes crucial products such as crank shaft assemblies, rocker arms, gear shifter forks, common rail and connecting rods.   Sansera has seven state-of-the-art manufacturing and machining plants in India that employ more than 5,000 employees and have year-over-year revenues of more than $150 million.

Achieving optimum production efficiency

Sansera supplies precision-engineered components, which are extremely complex and adhere to the highest standards of excellence, to leading international and domestic automotive and aerospace manufacturers and OEMs. High-precision engineering, forging, machining, assembly and supply requires the highest level of technical competence.

Sansera has honed these skills by designing, developing and delivering products to some of the world’s most demanding customers.  To enhance its production and manufacturing capabilities and remain relevant in the face of the continuous increase in product demand, Sansera wanted to optimize production efficiency across all of its manufacturing lines and plants. The company also zeroed in on cost reduction and looked forward to acquiring new customers by being more competitive.

Business challenges

  • Improve production efficiency of manufacturing lines and plants

  • Minimize investment on new production lines

  • Reduce costs and become more competitive for new customer acquisition

Keys to success

  • Use the Plant Simulation solution in the Tecnomatix portfolio to model and simulate complex production scenario

  • Take methodical approach in implementing simulation strategy

  • Have all stakeholders on board during the project’s execution


  • Reduced manpower by 30 percent without any new investment

  • Achieved significant operating cost savings due to reducing labor hours

  • Improved effectiveness of planning and engineering team

“The simulation tool has helped us to model a balanced production system, identify the bottlenecks

and plan the manpower optimally. The first project was to optimize the manpower in a production line and our team were able to bring down the manpower by 30%.”

Sujith S Nath

Asst. Manager – Advanced Engineering, Sansera Engineering

Download the attached customer success story.

Sansera.pngSansera Engineering, Bengaluru, India

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