Maxitech transforms its business with discrete event simulation software


Italy-based Maxitech has been a specialist in live bird handling systems for processing companies since 1999.  Accurate processing plant dimensioning is essential to optimize costs and offer a sustainable investment. By adopting the Siemens discrete event simulation software solution, the company now approaches the market as a shackle loading/unloading area specialist, differentiating it from big multinational corporations focused on downstream operations, from slaughtering and processing up to end-product packaging.They’ve evolved from equipment manufacturer to consulting company.


A set of modules and drawers to feed a processing line can cost up to one million euros, so it is essential to maximize re-use and rotation in order to ensure sustainable costs and investments. Plants have traditionally been dimensioned based on experience, with inevitable oversizing to make sure that the plant is never underused.How do you sustain costs and investments, create an environment of efficient plant processing, and differentiate from competitors?


Maxitech determined that they could completely transform their business with the adoption of discrete event simulation software to create digital models of logistic systems (such as production), enabling the company to explore a system’s characteristics and optimize its performance — something they did not know was possible. 


Maxitech now uses Plant Simulation, a discreet event simulation solution from Siemens PLM’s Tecnomatix portfolio for the complete analysis and simulation of shackle logistics. With Plant Simulation, Maxitech engineers completely redesigned the system, simulating comprehensive plant logistics to show all workflows with great accuracy to customers in advance, from truck arrival to departure with a new load of empty, clean modules ready for the next trip. The next step will be a major milestone: with Tecnomatix, Maxitech will be able to indicate the exact number of modules required before the customer commits to investing in a project.


  • Achieved complete simulation of new plant logistics in just five to six days

  • Identified and solved critical issues in early design stages

  • Transformed their business from an equipment manufacturer to consulting company

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