IMTS 2014… it’s almost a wrap.

By Mike Rouman

I attended IMTS 2014 this year as a member of the onsite Siemens PLM Software team where we were able to share with many show attendees our vision for how we can help them to realize innovation. It is clear to me that in many ways this important show is the same as it ever was, a massive expanse of machines and tools and software technology for all to see and an opportunity to get reacquainted with many colleagues in our business that we have not seen in a while.  However, it is also clear to me that IMTS has in many ways changed dramatically, as evidenced in part by this 3D printing blog and these articles about KUKA Robotics and Universal Robots at IMTS from Industry Week, and by what I was able to see for myself and discuss with attendees on the show floor (E-3122 and E-5010). This show is no longer just about traditional, tried and true manufacturing systems, but about innovation and the art of the possible with hybrid 3d printing and tooling, collaborative and dual-arm robots, communicating machines, smart sensors and controls and the convergence of data and production by filling the gap with next generation digital manufacturing technology.

Come together. Leave your mark.

Companies such as DMG MORI, Airwolf 3D and Local Motors definitely left their mark.DMG MORI with its LASERTEC 65 hybrid machine, Airwolf 3D with its 3D printers, Local Motors with its ability to build a car onsite using a 3D printed car body and many vendors with their advanced robotics offerings are a few examples of innovation at its best. Siemens, too, came together with such companies and left its mark by demonstrating how we can program, simulate and control these DMG MORI and Airwolf machines with NX CAM, and how we can easily simulate and program advanced robotic systems with Tecnomatix.

DMG MORI LASERTEC 65 3D programmed using NX CAM.
Airwolf 3D 3D Printer programmed using NX CAM.
Local Motors 3D-printed car body.
KUKA robot integrated into DMG MORI NTX 1000.

Come together. Leave smarter.

For some time now, Siemens PLM Software has been talking to our customers and the market about smarter decisions for better products. Now, we further expand that discussion into leveraging those smarter decisions to help our customers realize innovation. I had many discussions with IMTS attendees about our digital manufacturing solutions and how they can help to support this decision making process, addressing complexity while making innovation a reality. In multiple locations attendees were able to learn and become smarter about NX for Manufacturing, including CAM, CMM and shop floor connectivity solutions, and Tecnomatix, including planning, simulation and production solutions, particularly robotic simulation and offline programming for machining related processes. We also discussed Teamcenter for product lifecycle management in a fashion that can only be delivered by Siemens PLM Software from product design, to manufacturing engineering, to production.



NX CAM for tool path development, programming, simulation and execution.
NX CMM for inspection path planning, simulation and execution.
Tecnomatix digital manufacturing for planning, simulation and production.

Come together. Leave inspired.

IMTS invited you to “Come together. Leave inspired.” Siemens PLM Software invited you to come learn more about the industry’s broadest suite of digital manufacturing applications. And, we delivered. NX for Manufacturing and Tecnomatix help you to make innovation real and I hope that those who visited us in Chicago at IMTS 2014 and those of you who follow us here in the community and out on social media channels are truly inspired to find your own way to realize innovation with Siemens PLM Software.

Yours in inspired innovation realization,


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