Announcing Variation Nation – EP1: Introduction to Dimensional Engineering and Variation Analysis


This episode, the first in the Geometric Solutions’ Variation Nation 2016 webinar series, examines the benefits manufacturers enjoy when they employ Variation Analysis (VSA) software to assess design challenges before physically producing any parts. Using these analysis tools they can predict the amounts and causes of variation in their manufacturing operations. As a result, they can reduce the negative impact of variation on quality, cost and time-to-market. This digital approach allows engineers to evaluate changes and verify that these changes will actually fix the problem early in the design process, where changes are less expensive. Such evaluations allow manufacturers to optimize their products and processes, identify critical dimensions and key characteristics, and, perhaps most important, reduce costs while still maintaining critical assembly dimensional specifications.

Tom Gaunt, Managing Director of Geometric Solutions’ points out, “The earlier that dimensional quality issues are identified and corrected, the greater the savings. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the ability to control costs is locked in when the design freeze occurs. For example, take a simple feature such as a hole size. Imagine its negative impact on profitability when that hole size must be changed when it gets to hard tooling versus in CAD.”

Curtis DeSaele, Geometric’s Director of Technology, adds, “For many years, manufacturers have used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate structural performance in products without building physical prototypes. We want to familiarize them with another, newer answer: Variation Analysis (VSA) software.

Participants in Episode 1 of the Variation Nation 2016 webinar series will discover and discuss the importance of Dimensional Quality and Dimensional Engineering to the manufacturing process. They will explore how to apply Dimensional Engineering throughout the Product Development Cycle. Additionally, they will learn about Geometric Solutions’ 10-step Dimensional Engineering process that relies on Variation Analysis (VSA) software as its most crucial component. This episode serves as a springboard from which they can launch themselves into an in-depth discussion of the power and capabilities of VSA in the ensuing episodes.

This episode will be held Wednesday, August 10, 1 to 2 pm, EST.

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