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By Charles Aldave

Today at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference, Siemens and NVIDIA announced that they will deepen their collaboration to help build the industrial metaverse, bringing immersive visualization to Siemens Xcelerator, powered by the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. As the next step in this collaboration, the companies announced a new product to be released later this year, which will bring the power of photorealistic visualization to Teamcenter X, Siemens’ industry-leading cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

We will revolutionize how products and experiences are designed, manufactured and serviced. On the path to the industrial metaverse, this next generation of industrial software enables customers to experience products as they would in the real world: in context, in stunning realism and – in the future – interact with them through natural language input. In collaboration with NVIDIA, we will bring accelerated computing, generative AI, and Omniverse integration across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs will power real-time ray tracing directly in Teamcenter X, allowing companies to create photorealistic, physics-based digital twins that help eliminate workflow waste and errors. This capability will support photorealistic visualization of massive, complex, and feature-rich datasets common in engineering and manufacturing, from rocket ships to marine vessels. As changes are published to Teamcenter X, the photorealistic view is automatically updated in real time.

In the GTC keynote demo presented by Siemens’ CEO, Roland Busch, we showed the example of a massive ship from our customer HD Hyundai, a market leader in sustainable ship manufacturing.

HD Hyundai builds liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers and ammonia- and hydrogen-powered ships. These are massively complex engineering projects, often comprising over 7 million discrete parts that require 700,000 man-hours to build. With Omniverse APIs, Teamcenter X will allow companies like HD Hyundai to manage and visualize these massive engineering datasets interactively, and precisely evaluate and validate their digital twin for functionality, fit, and accuracy, as if seeing it in the physical world.

The interactive, photorealistic visualization of complex engineering data has the potential to revolutionize how products and experiences are designed and manufactured and serviced.

Our work to integrate NVIDIA Omniverse technology into Teamcenter X, our cloud-based PLM offering, enables enterprises to view, interact with and collaborate on the massive datasets common in manufacturing, with data that is always up to date, in real time and on any device.

Joe Bohman, Executive Vice President, Product Lifecycle Management products, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Physically based, photoreal visualization is essential for many use cases across the product lifecycle, such as design reviews, service planning, creating sales and marketing materials, and more. Traditionally, companies have had to develop physical prototypes or separate virtual environments to simulate how a user sees and interacts with the product. With photorealistic visualization, Teamcenter X customers will be able to leverage their investment in a PLM digital thread backbone to incorporate realism into the multi-CAD data that’s used for everyday visualization, adding greater fidelity and context to their digital twin and surrounding scenes. Customers will be able to:

  • Incorporate real-world product appearances throughout the entire design process.
  • Continuously evaluate product aesthetics, functionality, and human interaction against customer requirements.
  • Rapidly validate the detailed appearance of products in the context of both their intended use environment and within idealized studio like environments for marketing asset creation.
  • Create high-quality marketing collateral directly from their existing data in Teamcenter.

Teamcenter is the market leading PLM solution, enabling a comprehensive digital twin and connected digital thread backbone across the extended enterprise. Organizations of all sizes use Teamcenter every day to plan, develop, and deliver products as they evolve across the lifecycle, in a secure, scalable, extendable, and enterprise-grade environment. Teamcenter X photorealistic visualization, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, is planned for release in late 2024. To learn more about Teamcenter X, visit this website.

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