Teamcenter Extends Support for Authoring Applications

By Trish Laedtke

The latest release of Teamcenter 11.4 and Active Workspace 3.4 has added support for three more authoring applications, enabling you to extend PLM document and process support to new users.

First, the Microsoft Office Online capabilities for browser-based editing. Customers implementing Microsoft Office Online Server and Teamcenter Office Online Server provide their users with immediate access to content in the Active Workspace universal viewer. Users can check out the file with a single click and start editing in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The applications saves your edits as you work and saves everything back to Teamcenter with another click for check-in.

 Microsoft Office Online authoring application in the Active Workspace 3.4 document-focused Overview tab and universal viewer.

AuthoringApplications_OOinAW.pngMicrosoft Office Online authoring application in the Active Workspace 3.4 document-focused Overview tab and universal viewer.

While the Microsoft Office Online software is not as capable as the traditional Microsoft licenses, it’s a solid choice for basic editing, and especially helpful when you’re working remotely, or need to view general Microsoft documents quickly.

Next, we’ve certified integration with Microsoft Office 365, which is a mechanism for managing Office licensing and software updates.Office 365 can now be deployed with Teamcenter, with either the local or click-to-run (CTR) option. The local install option has been supported from Teamcenter 11.2+ and Microsoft Office 2013. Now the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus CTR option is supported, beginning with Teamcenter 11.4+ and Microsoft Office ProPlus 365 2016.

The Teamcenter client for Microsoft Office is still available for customers who want a perpetual Microsoft Office license and a more traditional editing capability.

Last on the list – but in no way least – marketing and design experts can now get the full benefit of access to Teamcenter product data and processes with the Adobe CC integration. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop CC 2017+ are supported with Active Workspace 3.4. The integration provides a hosted Teamcenter experience within the Adobe authoring applications. Users can search and navigate Teamcenter, and view, create, open, edit and save files back to Teamcenter from within Adobe.

AuthoringApplications_AdobeAW.jpgActive Workspace 3.4 is displayed within the Adobe CC authoring session, enabling navigation, search and more.

 To find out more about Teamcenter solutions for authoring applications visit Teamcenter content and document management.For specific version compatibility to these and other Teamcenter integrations, check out the Integrations Matrix (customer-only access) on our GTAC site.

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TrishLaedtke.jpgTrish Laedtke is the Product Manager for Content and Document Management applications in Teamcenter. Her focus is on integrating tech pubs and supporting roles into the PLM environment, and taking advantage of the knowledge stored in Teamcenter to provide more accurate and effective documentation.

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