Swedish Military Standardizes on Teamcenter for Lifecycle Management

By Margaret Furleigh

Siemens had an advantage as Teamcenter is often used as a data backbone in aerospace & defense. Furthermore, it’s clear that the platform capabilities and integration all the way from requirements management to manufacturing is probably the strongest on the market.

Recently Verdi Ogewell at reported on the selection of Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (SDMA), a government agency under the Ministry of Defence that makes sure the military has the equipment and logistics they need.

Quoting the SDMA Chief Information Officer (CIO), “Rebecca Ihrfors said that this solution meets the main objectives of SDMA, which is to reduce the time it takes to produce and deliver information and to increase the quality and traceability of that information. She added that the agency also sees the PLM project as an opportunity to consolidate its already established working methods in requirements management, product data management and configuration management, among others.”

Siemens was recognized as the strongest PLM player in the defense industry, with solution depth and breadth to support the SDMA’s large-scale enterprise implementation.

“Comprising over 1,000 users, there’s no doubt this was an attractive installation. Unsurprisingly, representatives of most major players are present … Siemens came out as the winner. The company is perhaps the strongest PLM player in the defense field, and during 2018 took home a number of large orders from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and supplier companies in aerospace & defense such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman and others.”

SDMA chose to partner with Siemens Digital Industries Software and leverage the Teamcenter portfolio of product lifecycle management solutions including cross-domain design management, integrated requirements management, and configuration management.

Read the full article, “Siemens PLM and Unit4 Win When Swedish Military Bets $50 million on Platform Standardization” on


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