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By Mohan Sivahari

Try Teamcenter Supplier Connect for efficient data exchange with your supply chain

Companies spend an average of $1billion towards research and development to introduce innovative products. About a third of that is invested into information security to protect intellectual property.

However, when you investigate how they collaborate with suppliers, many are probably sending email attachments or using other file transfer mechanisms. This inefficient exchange of information results in suppliers working on obsolete data, OEMs reacting to late and expensive design changes from suppliers and most importantly, the possibility of compromising on data security.

Supplier Connect enables your supply chain to be an integral part of your product’s digital twin and contribute to your product development process throughout the lifecycle.

The vision with Supplier Connect is to share any product data in Teamcenter with your supply chain. It is a secure, web-based portal, tailored to supplier needs. It is a natural extension to your Teamcenter ecosystem, offering a solution that you, and in many cases even your suppliers, are familiar with. It leverages the proven multi-site technology facilitating data exchange between Teamcenter sites.

Data Exchange is a complementary product to Supplier Connect, developed for OEM Teamcenter users to scope the data to be shared, set permissions for suppliers to read or modify data and share it securely with multiple suppliers.

Suppliers get notified through emails and login to the Supplier Connect portal to perform the work requested of them.

The user experience for suppliers is tailored to provide the necessary dashboards a supplier can leverage to quickly locate the information shared with them.

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Suppliers can leverage Teamcenter capabilities and perform any updates natively without leaving the Active Workspace client if they so choose to. Ability to perform updates to a Bill of Material, add an attachment or even perform a CAD update in a CAD tool of their choice through integrations is all possible now with Supplier Connect.

Updates made by suppliers are routed back to the OEM users for review and approval. If the supplier does not meet the requirements, the entire process can be iterated until the desired results are achieved.

Both OEM users and suppliers have full visibility to product updates and a record of the entire exchange process for future reference.

With Supplier Connect, OEM users can share the latest product information, provide continuous updates and work simultaneously yet discreetly with multiple suppliers. Suppliers on the other hand can now graduate from a ‘download and go’ approach to working natively in Teamcenter, leveraging the breadth of PLM capabilities and contribute to the product development process quickly and efficiently.

For more information about Supplier Connect please contact your salesperson and request a demo.

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