PLM vs ERP Solved with Siemens-SAP Partnership

By Margaret Furleigh

PLM vs ERP? A connected digital thread for innovation means you don’t have to draw the line.

PLM vs ERP? For many years, manufacturers have debated where to draw the line between product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) – which system will play what role in connecting engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, and more. Recently, Siemens and SAP announced that we are joining forces to accelerate industrial transformation.  Through this new partnership, we will help our customers break down the silos in their companies with solutions to overcome the idea of “PLM vs ERP” and reflect the complementary relationship.

In a recent Smart Manufacturing Experience blog, “PLM and ERP Connect the Digital Thread for Innovation,” Joe Bohman, Senior Vice President of Lifecycle Collaboration Software at Siemens Digital Industries Software discusses the value of the Siemens-SAP partnership for customers.

“As the accelerating pace of this 4th industrial revolution necessitates a shift towards digitalization, our customers are looking to their software vendors for new solutions. By teaming up, Siemens and SAP will go beyond just integration, and connect product information across the entire lifecycle through a true digital thread that connects product- processes with business operations asset management and supply chain.”

Joe Bohman, Senior Vice President of Lifecycle Collaboration Software

Leverage the Synergy

“The increasing product complexity across mechanical, electronic, and software domains has made it more important than ever for our customers to have a seamless digital thread connecting product information and processes across all the departments and disciplines throughout the product lifecycle,” said Bohman. “For example, Konecranes, a leader in the global overhead crane industry, is already leveraging the synergy between PLM and ERP to create one integrated, cohesive system. Konecranes uses Teamcenter to capture and communicate the digital twin from engineering through all the downstream processes, including ERP, to help them deliver their range of products from mass-produced to custom lift products.”

“For companies like Konecranes, the partnership of Siemens and SAP will deliver better, more fully integrated end-to-end software solutions across the product lifecycle, supply chain, and asset management to provide people across the business with real-time access to product and business information.”

“SAP will offer Siemens’ Teamcenter software as the core foundation for product lifecycle collaboration and product data management. Siemens will offer SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions and SAP Project and Portfolio Management applications to maximize business value for customers over the entire product and service lifecycle and enable new collaborative processes between manufacturers and operators.”

“Customers of Teamcenter and SAP will no longer need to determine where to draw the line between PLM and ERP. Instead, they will be able to leverage the partnership’s investment in end-to-end solutions to more efficiently design and deliver innovative products productively, profitably, and sustainably.”

Joe Bohman, Senior Vice President of Lifecycle Collaboration Software

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