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By Michael Boland

Manage your semiconductor lifecycle using Teamcenter X

The semiconductor industry is one of the most innovative, ensuring the adoption of new technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR. Indeed, semiconductors are critical to countless of today’s consumer products and as demand for ever greater computing power in less space rises, the trend seems likely to continue. And yet, semiconductor companies have found themselves suffering in recent times, the chip shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of global supply chains and security concerns have been raised as companies are unable to demonstrate traceability to prove authenticity. 

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2021 study:
> 60% of companies use 6 or more systems to manage their data

Relying on numerous disjointed systems, with teams working separately in silos, unable to collaborate or share information effectively causes redundancies, compatibility issues and system errors. To continue to deliver increased system integration capabilities, companies need to adopt digital solutions that boost control and real-time visibility across processes and systems and end-to-end digitalization across the lifecycle to provide complete traceability and respond to security concerns. 

A product lifecycle management system offers semiconductor companies a holistic solution to provide data management across all processes. Furthermore, it can improve design and production domains to address product complexity, enhance stakeholder and ecosystem collaboration, and elevate quality, while also providing complete traceability to safeguard intellectual property, as well as for faster product acceptance and reduced time to market. 

Reduce fragmentation and drive your end-to-end digitalization 

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Semiconductor Lifecycle Management is a new Teamcenter X cloud, SaaS PLM solution designed specifically so semiconductor companies can reduce fragmentation. It provides a pre-configured solution to reduce lengthy development cycles and achieve end-to-end digitalization with out-of-the-box industry best practices to accelerate deployment and minimize disruption and offering the possibility to develop and extend at your own pace as your needs change.

Semiconductor Lifecycle Management enables:  

Accelerated new product introduction (NPI) 

Due to fragmented project scheduling, tasks and data management, NPI rarely meets target delivery dates without costly design re-spins that often result in the product never reaching production. Semiconductor Lifecycle Management gives users an out-of-the-box, semiconductor NPI project management solution that can help quickly move new products from Ideation to Planning and Execution, thus improving R&D yield. Pre-defined, automated project management templates, out-of-the-box metrics and KPIs, project status reports and unified program and project delivery management all make that possible. 

Integrated circuit (IC) design management and IP reuse 

Understand the impact of design changes across disciplines to address complexity through internal and external IP libraries. Manage die design artifacts, orchestrate wafer process technology and oversee mask set and reticle data across the supply chain to boost quality. 

Integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing planning 

Collaborate across globally distributed sites and domains to streamline engineering, design and manufacturing planning while ensuring alignment between engineering and manufacturing BOMS. Implement industry-specific process flows and data models to improve cross-domain visibility and guarantee compliance. 

End-to-end traceability 

End-to-end traceability reporting is critical for the semiconductor industry​. This solution helps you to manage complex information and collaborate across multiple, globally distributed sites and data silos​. This means you can coordinate revisions between design and manufacturing and ensure end-to-end traceability throughout the process​.  

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Get started fast with preconfigured SaaS PLM 

Thanks to our pre-configured template we accelerate deployment to save you time and money.  

Implementing our cloud offering can provide further savings, both in infrastructures and in system administration. Choosing our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) option gets you up and running fast and cloud flexibility allows you to scale your environment up or down as your needs change.  

 With a SaaS-managed environment, Siemens ensures the software is always up-to-date and users can instantly access their data anytime, anywhere with the highest levels of security. We take on the responsibility of managing hardware, infrastructure, deployment, software updates and troubleshooting, meaning you can invest your IT resources in driving business and developing the products of the future. 

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