PLM Administration Tools to Deploy Custom Software in Three Easy Steps!

By Bob Donovan

Looking for easier PLM administration tools? Did you know the Teamcenter Deployment Center can deploy your custom software in just three easy steps?

Your BMIDE templates are already capable of being installable through the Teamcenter Environment Manager (TEM). Let me show you how you can enable the same BMIDE template to be installable through the Deployment Center. (For an overview of Deployment Center, take a look at my last blog, “Easy PLM? Take a closer look at Deployment Center.”)

Step 1: Download

First, download the Deployment Center from Doc Center (customer-only access). Follow the Deployment Center user guideto get it installed, and drop Teamcenter software into the software repository. See the guide for information on the versions of Teamcenter supported by the Deployment Center.

Step 2: Create 3 XML Files

Next, locate the “Deployment Center Configuration Guide.docx” located in the Deployment Center download in the “additional_toolsTeamcenterSamples” directory. This guide explains how to configure your existing BMIDE template to be supported through Deployment Center. It will require you to create 3 XML files. Note that this step only has to be performed once for each BMIDE template. The configuration guide also lists a couple of sample software packages that can be found in the same “additional_toolsTeamcenterSamples” directory.

PLM administration tools_1.png

Step 3: Add Package to Repository

Finally, after you finish with the XML configuration, you can drop your software package into the Deployment Center’s repository, just like you do for the Active Workspace software, and then use the Deployment Center to configure the install. It’s that easy!

More information and the download is available for customers in the Deployment Center section of the Doc Center (customer-only access).

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