Exciting news for 2023 Teamcenter releases!

By Susan Zimmerlee

This year, we resolve to make things easier for you, for our customers! We have some exciting changes coming for Teamcenter in 2023. We wanted to give you a quick peek at two things you’ll start to notice in our material and communications.

New year, new release numbers

We’ve heard you – across our Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of products, including Teamcenter, Polarion, Product Cost Management, Rulestream, NX and more, we have traditionally used different release number methodologies. In 2023, we are moving to a single, consistent methodology that will be adopted across all Siemens Xcelerator products.

Teamcenter 2312 release
Release numbers based on year and month

All release numbers will follow this standard convention: first 2 digits are the year the release comes out, the last 2 digits are the month. For example, our Fall 2023 Teamcenter release is expected next December (the 12th month of the year). Its release number is 2312. You should see this consistent convention across all the products in the Teamcenter family.

Starting with Teamcenter 2312, Active Workspace will be packaged and installed along with the rest of Teamcenter. There will no longer be a separate Active Workspace package to download and install, but all the functionality you love will still be there.

When will you see these changes?

It all starts in the fall of 2023. All Teamcenter products will follow the new release number convention. You may start seeing other Siemens Xcelerator portfolio products moving to the new release numbers a little sooner or later.

Stay tuned for more information!

As we get closer to the Fall 2023 Teamcenter release, we’ll have more detailed information available. If you have questions, please reach out to your account manager or contact us!

For now, learn about our latest release, Teamcenter 14.2 and Active Workspace 6.2, which deliver PLM agility to help you improve your products … and your business.

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