Introducing Teamcenter Product Configurator for Variability Management

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You need to provide consistent product configuration management across a global organization while validating configuration data and product definition information as early in the process as possible. If that’s not enough of a challenge, how about adding the central management of variability across disciplines with an eye towards creating precise digital twins?

Fortunately, the Teamcenter Product Configurator from Siemens is here to help.

The Teamcenter Product Configurator has arrived

The Teamcenter Product Configurator was designed to meet these challenges by providing a variability management solution that enables a company to carefully plan, manage and account for variability from ideation to production all from within the security of a Teamcenter repository.

It’s Integrated

BOM Configurator 1.jpgProduct Configurator is part of the Siemens Teamcenter backbone and works closely with content applications like Requirements-Manager, Structure Manager, 4G-Designer, 4G-Product Master, Manufacturing Process Planner, and Manufacturing BOMManager. The underlying data connections are seamless across Teamcenter domains and beyond. By being built upon Teamcenter, PLM’s common data repository, Teamcenter Product Configurator provides a single, consistent definition of product features, rules and product content across your company’s entire product definition and execution process.

It’s Role-based

The variability definition is separated from the content definition already held within Teamcenter, enabling each discipline to manage areas of configuration unique to their domains within a common framework. Various modes of use while configuring a product, designed to address the needs of different roles, are also provided.

It’s Scalable

With the ability to handle any level of product complexity, from a paperweight to an intergalactic battle cruiser, Teamcenter Product Configurator has been built to grow with you.By leveraging reusable product architecture breakdowns, product engineers can plan and manage the product definition with maximum modularity and re-use as the product and options grow…

BOM Configurator 2.jpgIt’s Visual

Stakeholders across the product lifecycle not only see the relationships of all the product variations but are provided accurate geometry on-demand for any configuration.

BOM Configurator 3.jpg

It’s Informative

A grid-based user experience delivers real-time feedback to validate and resolve any conflicts within the conditions created against the content.By utilizing this early and continuous validation with real product data, issues can be identified and resolved long before they surface on the manufacturing floor.

BOM Configurator 4.jpg

Product engineers are able to clearly understand the impact of new and evolving product features on their requirements, product definitions and manufacturing processes.Using Teamcenter Product

Configurator quickly brings the relevant features and impacted product solutions to the user’s attention and makes a previously tedious and error-prone process straightforward and accurate.

It’s Managed

Change is inevitable throughout product development. With Teamcenter Product Configurator change control is straightforward, with the ability to revise and release features as products evolve. Effectivity controls the introduction of features or changes to features by start and end date or unit. You also can set obsolescence and remove features from a product in a controlled manner. 

It’s Here!

By taking this tightly integrated PLM approach to product and process configuration, variability impacts are clearly understood and accounted for at all stages of product development. Accurate visuals are available to any user on demand for any product configuration (or even for a range of product configurations at one time).

BOM Configurator 5.jpg

Teamcenter Product Configurator is an out-of-the-box (OOTB) solution that provides new capabilities, superior flexibility, and no client customization, all at a low cost of maintenance.To learn more check out the attached fact sheet document or take a look at this video on configuration below when you have a few minutes to spare.

Attached here are the product Fact Sheet and the recent PLM Europe presentaion:


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