Engineering Change Management’s New Look with Active Workspace

By Robert_Hidajat

For an exclusive, inside look at Teamcenter change management, register for this webinar, “Strategies to Streamline Product Innovation with Engineering Change Management.”

Engineering Change Management is a core component of PLM process execution. With Active Workspace, everybody in your enterprise has easy access to Engineering Change Management capabilities anytime, anywhere, on any device, without installing any applications or plugins. From viewing and creating Change objects all the way to planning and execution of the Engineering Change Management process, Active Workspace puts PLM at your fingertips.

This is another great example of how Teamcenter allows you ro reach beyond your current PLM implementation and reach more people throughout your company.

I’d like to share a brief video with you. In this video, you will meet three different people with various roles in the Engineering Change Management process and see how Active Workspace makes it easy for them to perform their tasks.

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To learn more about how Teamcenter can empower your Engineering Change Management process, please visit our PLM Process Execution page.

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