πŸ•Ž Happy Hanukkah from Teamcenter

By Jen Groisman

A festival of light and dedication

As we enter the festive season, it’s a time for celebration, reflection and the sharing of joyous moments. At Teamcenter, we extend warm wishes to those celebrating Hanukkah – the festival of lights.

Hanukkah is a beautiful Jewish festival that spans eight nights, commemorating the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days when the Maccabees rededicated the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Symbolically, it’s a festival of light, hope and dedication.

On each day, those who celebrate, light a candle on a hanukkiah, a nine-branched candelabrum, starting with one candle and adding one more each day. The candle used to light the other candles is known as the Shamash. Blessings and festive songs are sung.

Here are some stories from our own that are celebrating Hanukkah…

Adam Dales, Technical Documentation for Tecnomatix:

“When the ancient Greeks ruled over Israel, they imposed religious oppression on the Jews of the land. Though the Jewish people could only muster a very small, rag-tag force, called the Maccabees, with inferior weapons (the Greeks had elephants!), the Almighty granted a great miracle, and the few triumphed over the many in battle. Yet another miracle awaited them – they returned to the Temple in Jerusalem to resume lighting the menorah, the 7-branched candelabra. Searching hard, they found one cruise of undefiled olive oil, enough to stay lit just one day. Yet the oil continued to burn a full 8 days until they could prepare a new quantity of pure oil. And those are the Hanukah miracle commemorated every year in most Jewish houses when the 8-branched Hanukah menorah is lit every evening for 8 nights. Every time, an additional candle is lit, until all 8 are burning on the holiday’s last night. The name of the holiday reflects the rededication of the Temple, and also evokes the education to values and tradition, especially as families gather in front of the glow of the candles.”

Maya Laxer, Product Management lead for Teamcenter Manufacturing:

Hanukah is a great holiday for us. It is an opportunity to meet with family and friends every night, light the candles and eat (too) well. Enjoying amazing jelly doughnuts, potato pancakes (β€œlatke”) and other fat fried food… For kids, it is also a very special holiday as they are getting a school break of a week, in which theatres are playing new shows and musicals for the whole family and kids are getting presents and candies from their families.”

For everyone celebrating Hanukkah, we invite you to share your greetings and traditions with us… and subscribe to our blog πŸ‘‡πŸ» to see what more we have in store to honor this special time of year around the world.

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