Celebrating Diwali, A Festival of Lights

By Margaret Furleigh

Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights, is first in our 12 Days of Teamcenter series to celebrate this holiday season with Teamcenter customers and colleagues around the world.

Diwali_2.jpgCelebrating Diwali in Troy, Michigan.

“From darkness to light.

From ignorance to knowledge.

Victory of righteousness and truthfulness.”

These are the words of Amitabh Verma, product manager for Teamcenter Change Management based in the Troy, Michigan, office for Siemens PLM Software. Amitabh celebrates Diwali in his home and office, but he also sees the connection to his work with CM2-certified Teamcenter change management, which helps customers find the path of knowledge and single source of truth. (Read Amitabh’s blog posts on the change management process and change lineage.)

Diwali_3.jpg“Joy and happiness are in the air! It’s Diwali everywhere, bringing us closer to our near and dear ones,” says Vijay Delmade, product manager for Teamcenter Schedule Manager. (Read Vijay’s blog post, Behind the Scenes of Schedule Manager in Active Workspace.) “At Siemens we have just completed work for one more awesome Active Workspace release, version 4.1. We are ready with a great plan for the next year and great times ahead. Let the festival of light bring prosperity to Siemens customers. Happy Diwali!” 

Shetty_Balindra Pooja.jpgBalindra Pooja“Festivals like Diwali and Christmas are an opportunity for a person to connect back to his/her roots, which can prepare him/her for all the personal and professional excitement and challenges that lie in the year ahead,” says Dhiraj Shetty, product development manager for Teamcenter BOM management. “India is known for its diversity. I am a native of Mangalore. Mangalore has its own style to celebrate Diwali. Though the festival of lights Diwali is celebrated all over the country for different reasons, in Dakshina Kannada or Tulu Naadu it is to welcome King Balindra, who was driven to the netherworld by Vamana, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Diwali here is chiefly regarded as farmers’ festival and livestock is given its share of respect during the festivities. Their cows are decorated, offered arathis and are fed with sweets, rice, and fruits. My father-in-law, who is a farmer, is a person who will honour the traditions to the fullest. Here he is conducting the Balindra Pooja.”

For everyone celebrating Diwali, we invite you to share your greetings and traditions with us … and subscribe to our blog to see what more we have in store to honor this special time of year around the world.

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