Callaway Golf Drives PLM Innovation

By Margaret Furleigh

For Callaway Golf, the decision to standardize on NX and Teamcenter and commit to PLM innovation has driven the company’s reputation as an innovative market-leader.

“We wanted to go with the best products. The company went with NX and Teamcenter. And those capabilities and feature sets have contributed to Callaway’s dominance in the golf marketplace in terms of performance and quality, and all those things that make people want to buy our products.” 

John Loo, Principal PLM Analyst, Callaway Golf

NX computer-aided design (CAD) software gives Callaway designers the freedom to innovate, while Teamcenter PLM software streamlines product development processes for stakeholders across the business — and outside to suppliers. Teamcenter provides a secure collaboration foundation to connect people with up-to-date designs, documents, and data they need to make the right product decisions.

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Callaway credits the Teamcenter portfolio’s out-of-the-box solutions for minimizing customizations and reducing the cost of PLM ownership. Because they can configure Teamcenter versus custom coding, they can more easily and cost-effectively manage and maintain Teamcenter over time from release to release.

“We have a very small support staff for Teamcenter. We’ve been able to use a lot of the features right out of the box.” 

Jeannine Cross, Business Analyst, Callaway Golf

Watch this video for an exclusive inside look at how PLM innovation brings together people and processes at Callaway Golf.

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